For partners

ABCDESK application and lessons marketplace offer to the child brands wide opportunity for developing of trusting relationships with a children audience. You choose either paid model of the lesson distribution or the free model. Paid model will bring you new direction of profit generation. And the free model will help you to expand your audience and raise the customer loyalty to your brand. 

Branded lessons creation

If you brand own some appropriate visual content, you may use it to create a series for branded lessons for your target audience and gain some extra loyalty and gratitude of the parents. Our specialists will develop the unique lesson set for your brand, considering all characteristics of your target audience including age, gender, etc.. 

Branded category creation

The special branded category on the website will contain only the lessons that are created special for your brand or somehow corresponded to your brand. Your category will get permanent link in the main menu of catalog.

It is important!

We are parents ourselves and first of all we trying to provide the healthy environment for our children and all the parents. We respect our audience and don’t trying to attract as more brands as possible. We don’t want to let ABCDESK become the advertising space. First of all, ABCDESK – is an educational platform and branding possibilities on it are limited! That’s why we will filter our brand partners really thoroughly based on the quality of their content and products. Anyway the relative share of branded content in the catalog will be really tiny compared to the regular lessons. If you want to participate in the project, please contact us.