Educators Experience

Dear Teachers and Educators!

If you are interested to try out the ABCDESK for your work with students, we are pleased to provide you with a free copy of the app.

In turn we would be great to get from you the feedback-review of how do you feel about the app and its performance? What is student's feedback? What is your wish-list for the app? Any comments are much appreciated!

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Mandi Bennett (Pre-K Teacher, Wichita, Kansas)

Wow! This app is great and has some great potential! I have enjoyed learning how to use ABCDesk to use with my students and they have had a lot of fun too. Plus, ABCDesk is a great way for teachers to customize their students learning experience and teachers can even create their own lessons!!

I love the layout of the drawers, very cool and the kids love pulling the string to move between drawers to pick which lessons they want to work on next. I was impressed with the customizable features in this app and loved making my own lessons to fit everyone’s needs. Also, I really loved the ability to use my voice to say the content of what I wanted my students to work on. This gave them a chance to also voice their own lessons! I gave a few of my higher students the chance to create a lesson of sight words for their classmates and the kids just loved being able to hear their fellow classmates voice saying the word!! This was definitely a hit! Being able to track the progress of the students work was a great tool added to this app as well. Makes it easier to look at later when I have more time to look through the lessons. I also liked the ability to download lessons from the website within the app. I hope to see more content added to the site to choose from to download!!

My students have been working on their letters all year long, and in this app they can now put their letter knowledge to use and start spelling words and identifying pictures with their words. They only thing I don’t like is the lowercase a. It is a different font from the letter I teach my students, so they are still learning the letter a within this app.

I am constantly looking for ways to engage my students and to keep learning fun and this app has been a great way to do just that! I look forward to many more lessons to download or added into the actual app and I have definitely found a new favorite to use with my students!! I would highly recommend this app!


Kate Stinnett (Mother of two)

The very first option that I am fond of is the personalization features, they are impressive! I am able to attach my child's photo onto the desk along with a personalized message through the recording mode. By seeing his face and hearing my voice, my 3 yr old always begins this app with a smile! Both my boys, 3&5 enjoy using this app. The beautiful, colorful illustrated images keep them engaged and wanting more. My youngest is learning letter, color and object recognition with this app and my oldest is composing words based on the picture choices. The "find the letter" and "find the picture" mode is a fun and educational addition to this app.
Being able to adjust the level of difficulty is an important factor to me. Having two young boys that have different needs, this app meets my expectations. The best feature of all, in my opinion, is the ability to write my own lesson plans and the ability to share lesson plans with other parents! This app will be put to use time and time again for a long time to come! There is so much contained in this app for such a low price. I would highly recommend it, especially to those parents who's family consist of multiple young children. You really get a big bang for your buck, money well worth spending!